Writing a Good Essay


Writing an essay can at times be frustrating, but this should not be the case. When one has a clear idea of what to write about and understands the steps well, then writing becomes fun.  To be good at essay writing, the following steps are important and useful for any type of essay that a student may desire to write.

(a)   Carry out some research

Writing a Good Essay

It is not easy to write something that you have no clue about. This is where majority of students get it wrong. You get a topic and start writing without a clear direction to follow and when things fail to work out as per your expectation, stress follows. Begin your essay by doing some research on your topic. Utilize all the available sources that you think are relevant to your topic.

(b)   Do some analysis

Having gathered some substantial information regarding your topic, start doing some analysis of the arguments you come across in the essay you are reading. Remember, learning how to write a good essay comes from the essays done by others.

(c)    Consider Brainstorming

A good essay requires insight emanating from your own thoughts. This is the point where you start creating originality for your essay. Challenge yourself with questions and provide answers to them. Peruse through your brain until you reach the point where you feel that all that you can write is generated by your own brain.

(d)   Create a Thesis

Sample you ideas and pick the best. The best is always the one that you feel that you can write much content about. It should not be a limiting one. Remember, a thesis is the main point for your essay consolidated in a brief statement. It acts as the guide to anyone who reads your completed essay.

(e)    Outline

Design a good skeleton on which to embed your ideas. Every paragraph will have a unique starting point which reflects the idea that you wish to put down in that paragraph.


(f)    The Introduction

Finally the task commences. The introduction should be a catchy one. Have it right and direct it down to your thesis. It is a way of informing the reader about your argument in the essay.

(g)   Paragraphs

Every paragraph should contain a unique idea in line with your thesis statement. Always consider TOPIC SENTENCES when starting your paragraphs, then go on expounding on your ideas in a sensible manner. Address the reader as if you are having a one-on-one conversation.

(h)   Conclusion

Finish your essay in style. Make a quick re-cap of your ideas and end with memorable a thought if possible, or even an invoking quote.

(i)     Citation

Make your essay adhere to the correcting formatting style citing all the borrowed ideas to avoid cases of plagiarism. List correctly the details of the sources used.

(j)     Correct Language

An essay is not complete until you have the correct grammar. Everyone makes mistakes. Make your essay appealing to the reader by creating a captivating flow. Proofreading becomes necessary at this level in order to give your essay the correct tone.

(k)   Submit your essay

At this point you are convinced that you have written the best essay. Let it out to the world!!

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