Difference between a Book Report and a Book Review

Many students find it quite a challenge to differentiate between a book report and a book review. The expectations of attaining a good grade are thwarted when one fails to deliver as per the instruction from the instructor or lecturer. A book report ends up becoming a book review as many students do not actually know what to put down regarding the two. With good understanding, delivering in the two subjects becomes an easy task because one knows exactly what each entails.

Book Report and a Book Review

A book report seeks for a general explanation of the author of the book and the plot associated with the story. Here the background of the book is given in a manner that leaves the reader with a clear knowledge of the author’s biographical information. Then a summary of the story follows. The writer is keen to provide some content on the setting, plot as well as the main characters in the book in a manner that the reader understands quite well. Therefore, a book report is a summary of the essential details of the book’s content.

A book review is quite different from a book report. Here the academic writer gives an analysis of the entire story. However, it should not be mistaken with one rewriting the whole book because again that would be pointless and so remote form the correct answer. A review is more extensive as compared to a report. The author’s intention, thematic elements, as well as symbols from the book, are put into context. How relevant the story is with respect to the origin of its setting is an important aspect to consider in a book review. Other elements like the tone of the author are discussed and their importance in the setting of the story.  Therefore, a book review is detailed analysis of a book.
In conclusion, a book report explains in simple terms the background of author, and summarizes the story in simple terms, whereas, a book review is a detailed analysis that explains ideas from the book in a more deep manner. In other terms, a book report is an overview of the book while a book review is a detailed analysis.

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